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Unexpected Turn of Fucking Event at the Hospital

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The patient would like to know if there is a way to remove her scars without surgery. The doctor has her strip naked and lay down on examination table. The doctor notices how hot this blonde patient is and decides to ...

Birthday Girl Gets a Present from the Doctor

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Doctor was kinds enough to provide this lovely patient free medical check up. She has been complaining about having chest pains. When the doctor sees her naked on the exam table, he changes his mind in giving free ser...

Doctor will Work for Free, Sort Of

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This physician received a patient with no way of paying him. She is in need of medication for her anxiety. It is already affecting her married life. So the doctor agrees only if she will let him stick his dick in her ...

Hospital Inspector Gets What She Came For

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When the rumors about this doctor's unorthodox methodology reached the state regulator, they sent their best inspector to investigate. Well, this lovely lady was able to prove that the rumors are true, and would proba...

Black nurse gets a healthy dose of dick

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A sexy black nurse is doing her normal rounds when she catches a patient jacking off. She hasn't been with a man in so long that she isn't going to turn down this golden opportunity. Before she knows it, she's getting...

She Would Like to Get Fucked with Surgical Precision

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This chick knows doctors are experts in female anatomy. She would like to experience the best orgasm ever. And to have that, she has to seduce her surgeon/gynecologist so he could give her the best pussy drilling she ...

Busty Bella Morgan Private Colposcopy

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Bella Morgan visits her gyno for colposcopy, or an examination of the cervix and vulva. She knows what the doctor would do to her pussy but has no idea she will enjoy it this much.

Doctor’s Advice is She Needs Masturbate Every Now and Then

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Patient has been complaining about stiff neck, back and legs. The doctor's initial findings is that this lady is stressed from work. So the doctor advice her to increase her secretion of oxytocin, by masturbating righ...

Doctor Using His Instrument to Cure The Patient

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After a few minutes of massaging the patients vagina, this doctor feels it is not enough to stimulate her libido. So he drops his pants and stick his "instrument" inside the lovely patient's shivering vagina.

And That Itchy Birthmark Between My Thighs

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I went to see this doctor to check on my itchy birthmark in my chest. But he said he was in a hurry and will just take a look a recommend to put some ointment. I would really like him to see me thoroughly so I also to...

Angel Piaff Naked Photo Leaked by Doctor

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When Angel has her photo taken by her doctor for her "medical record," she has no idea what this doctor would actually do with it. The doctor sells her naked photo to an internet porn site.

Tall Slender Model Sindy Vega Gets Gyno Pump

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Tall attractive model Sindy Vega was asked by doctor to spread her pussy so he could take a peak of its insides. To her surprise, she actually felt good having her pussy spread wide open.

Two in a Row at the Hospital

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This horny patient is a having a girl on girl action with the the hot nurse when the doctor comes in. He is not surprise at all. He knows his nurses well. This nurse is actually just preparing this patient for his coc...

When a Hot Blonde Gets Recruited by Military Medical Team

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This girl gets special physical exam when she is recruited by the military. The team asks her to do all kinds of things while naked.

Tongue-and-Pussy Action Between Patient and Nurse

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The doctor learns of his nurse's unprofessional way of getting her patient's vital signs. So he sets up a cam and is able to videotaped his nurse's hot action with a patient.

Slutty nurse shares doctors cock with patient

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A cute blonde patient is showing some interest in her doctor. Her jealous nurse doesn't normally share but this patient is just her type. She's going to show her patient that sharing is caring.

Chayse Evans Gets Toyed by Her Doctor and Her Male Nurse

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Chayse was about to check out when her doctor came to her and asked her to stay for a few minutes. She would like to try something on her just to be sure she is well enough to go home. The rigorous dick pumping they d...

Patient Desperate for a Baby Banged by Her Doctor

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This patient's husband has erectile problem. In depseration, she came to the doctor asking for advice. Well, the good doctor advice her that all she needs is someone else's cum inside her.

Police Gynecologist Checks Her Hot Patient

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In order for this gorgeous girl to resume work, she has to undergo medical exam. The lesbian gynecologist though goes above and beyond her duty to make sure this patient would be healthy enough to work.

Curvy Samantha Enjoys Gaping Her Pussy

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Doctor uses an adjustable spuculum to make a gape of Samantha's pussy. This is so he could take a look whats causing her discomfort during sex.

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