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Gynecologist gives depressed patient a new outlook on life

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When a depressed brunette comes into his office the doctor thinks it might be an issue of hormones but it turns out she's a bit of a pessimist. He knows exactly what to do to turn that frown upside down. He doesn't wa...

Gynecologist Couldn’t Resist a Nice Pussy Lick

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The patient has been complaining about excessive fluid coming out of her vagina. So the doctor have her strip naked on top of examination table. As per ocular observation, the patient is just excessively horny.

Intern Would Like to Get Higher Rating from Physician

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This hot intern would do anything to be a licensed physician. She even allows her married doctor to fuck so he could give her a high grade during her internship.

Patient’s Temperature Soared High After the Procedure

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When the patient complained about her vagina being hot, the doctor ask her to strip so he could feel it. Big mistake for the doctor as the procedure make the patient even hotter. Too late when he finds out that the pa...

Wrong Dosage Turned Patient to Whore

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This physician was supposed to deliver a few dosage of drugs to this patient to calm her down. But he put in too much and turned this lady into a cock hungry bitch.

Physician heats things up with an intimate massage.

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A sexy housewife hurt her neck while she was driving and visits her chiropractor for a massage. It's one of the worst cases of whiplash he's ever seen. He tells her it's going to require a special treatment and she's ...

Horse riders rides her doctor instead

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A tall, sexy brunette comes into her doctors office for a routine exam but the doctor wants to take a closer look at her. She undresses for him and gets the surprise of her life when she's bent over his desk for a ver...

The Famous Spreader of Hot Sexy Wives Legs

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This doctor's reputation spreads like wild fire after he had fucked so many sex deprived wives in this small town. This is just an example video clip of him fucking the mayor's wife.

Patient Gets Fucked by Her Doctor Who Is Also an Ex-Boyfriend

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When this patient learned that her ex-boyfriend is the new resident gynecologist, she made an appointment right away. The reason is not to have a check-up bu to seduce her ex-flame into having sex with her again.

Gullible Patient Believes a Good Pussy Pounding Can Cure Her

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Fake doctor made this patient believe that his dick can cure her of her illness. Problem with her was she just couldn't come. So the doctor pounded away until the patient smiled in content for experiencing multiple or...

Depressed Patient Never Had So Much Fun in Her Therapy

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This patient has been continuously attending her monthly therapy with her doctor. But this time her assistant will be the one doing her therapy as her doctor is away on vacation. Lets just say the assistant make her f...

This is What Your Wife Does with Her Doctor

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No professionalism on this one. The doctor gave this sex deprived wife what she actually needs. A good pussy banging a a dose of cum in her pussy.

Busty Wife Allowed Herself Be Fucked by Her Gynecologist

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This patient never felt so good having her pussy fingered. The doctor was actually check her vaginal walls. But it turned the patient on that she begged the doctor to fuck her.

Patient Needs Doctor’s Cum Treatment

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Patient would like to know how healthy her reproductive organ is. She is perfectly fine according to the doctor but she insists to have some tests taken. So the good doctor gives her the best test. He fucks her and co...

Patient Gets Turned on During Her Breasts Exam

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Patient is having her breasts exam due to a lump on her breasts. When the doctor starts touching her lovely breasts gently she gets turned on. She then grabs the doctors dick so she could stick it in her mouth.

Young Medical Intern Banged by Her Handler

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Things get crazy right away when the doctor asks his intern to have a pelvic exam as a precautionary measure. Both are attracted to each other. So naturally it doesn't make sense if they don't even fuck on the hospita...

Gynecologist Knows How To Please His Patients

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Each time a hot looking patient comes to the clinic, the doctor always makes sure to strip them butt naked. Then he will asks the patient to lay down on the hospital bed so he could "assess" the vagina.

Don’t Think Patient Lost Her Hymen This Way

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This female patient has been complaining about how this doctor raped her. She said she lost her virginity to him. When the police sees this video, looks like she already lost her hymen even before giving this doctor t...

Single Female Patient Paid Doctor with Sex

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When this female patient learned how much her hospital bill is, she begged the doctor to atleast take off 50 percent. The doctor said he will only agree to do that if she will suck his dick and let him try her newly f...

Hospital Administrator’s Son Pretended to Be a Doctor

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The hospital admin's son came by to his dad's office to pay him a visit. But when he saw this hot patient waiting for her vagina to be checked up by his dad, he pretended to be a gynecologist so he could take advantag...

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