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Doc Dirty Examines All Of Andreia Mel

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When Andreia Mel comes in for a check up, Doc Dirty has to make sure he covers all his bases. After a breast exam, he decides to check her oral health. With everything else clear, he goes lower.

Gynecologist Gives Tracy Loves Her Check Up

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It's time for her check up, and Tracy Loves loves it. The gynecologist is always thorough and he really gets in there. She's sure to get a clean bill of health.

Lusty Blonde Needs To Loosen Up

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A pretty young blonde needs to loosen up. Following the doctor's orders, she spreads wide and touches herself. But that's not all that needs stretching, and the doctor is all to happy to oblige his patient.

Tanner Mayes Loves Phone Sex And It’s Destroying Her Life

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Tanner can't control herself--any time she gets on the phone, she finds herself turned on. Having lost her job at the call center she still can't break the cycle and she's desperate for a cure. The doctor is here to l...

Busty Brunette Helps The Doctor Out

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The lusty young brunette is given a helping hand by the doctor, spreading wide for his experienced work. Pleased by her treatment, she decides to help the doctor out in return. No patients words, or lips, have ever ma...

Blindfolded Brunette is Given The Full Examine

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She's terrified of being blindfolded but wants to over come her fears. The doctor wants to help the sexy young co-ed in anyway he can. He gives her the full examination, and then tests all of her senses.

Skinny Blonde Gets A Ride With the Doctor

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The doctor always believes in feeling as good as he makes his clients feel. After testing her ability to take him from behind, he decides to run another test. This time, he tests her ability to ride him: reverse cowgi...

Doctor Gets A Blowjob From A Caring New Patient

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A tattooed blonde sought the doctor's aid in over coming her fear of anal play for the sake of her boyfriend. After showing her how therapeutic exposure therapy can be, she can't help but love it. She shows the doctor...

Tanner Mayes Can’t Get Enough of Her Phone, Or The Doctor

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Role playing is the only cure to Tanner Mayes' phone sex addiction. As she talks dirty, the doctor helps her reconnect to the physical world. Able to feel again, she shows the doctor her appreciation.

The Doctor Undresses a Sexy Little Tattooed Brunette

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Massages can be wonderful, but with clothes on, they can only go so far. Determined to help her feel good, the doctor helps her undress. Now, the real massage can begin.

The Doctor Takes His Patient From Behind, Bareback

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The doctor shows his patient, a sexy tattooed brunette, a variety of poses. She can't get enough of the doctor and let's him know it. Opening herself up, she let's the doctor take her any way he wants.

The Doctor Gives Patient Quite a Shock

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Sexy tattooed blonde wants to get better at anal play, but she doesn't know what to do. The doctor thinks the best way to help her is practice. They take is slowly, then turn up the heat with a vibrator from behind.

Doctor Fucks Her Doggy Style

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Pretty brunette wants it all and she's happy to let him know it. After showing the doctor what she can do with her mouth, he get curious to see what else she can do. Bent over his desk, the doctor examines her behind ...

Flirty Patient Learns New Techniques

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She needs to relax, and fast. The doctor knows just the thing. His playful new patient learns to relax, and to really breathe.

Tanner Mayes is Addicted To Phone Sex

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Addicted to phone sex, she's lost everything, including her job. Unable to make a sexual connection in the real world, she doesn't know what to do. The doctor thinks she can overcome anything, especially with a little...

Afraid Of Being Blindfolded, The Doctor Helps Her Out

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A skinny brunette has a fear of being blindfolded during sex. The doctor thinks exposure therapy will do just the trick. He blindfolds her and shows her there's nothing to fear.

Doctor Shows Brunette All His Favorite Positions

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Dr. Feelgood always helps a patient and this tattooed brunette is no different. In heels, she rides him. Then to show her what a good patient she is, he takes her from behind.

Dr. Feelgood Helps Patient Relax With Full Body Massage

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A tattooed brunette needs to relax. The doctor knows just the trick and gives her an upper body massage. Still not satisfied, he gives her a lower body massage, too.

Flexible Brunette Goes All Natural With The Doctor

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A tattooed and high heeled brunette comes to the doctor. He shows her how good it can feel to go all natural. She shows off how flexible she can be.

Tattooed Blonde Wants To Overcome Her Fears

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Loving alternative girlfriend wants to marry her longtime boyfriend, but he wants to be able to take her from behind. Afraid she can't be the girl of his dreams, she goes to the doctor. The good doctor helps her overc...

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