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Sales Rep Demos Her Own Vibrator to Doctor

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Promo girl selling vibrator to this doctor for his patients. The doctor will buy it in one condition. He will use it on her from head to her toe.

Doctor Stopped Wanking and Started Fucking

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The doctor has been feeling sexually deprived lately. His been wanking off of the videos recorded by his spycam. This time he would like to rally fuck one of his patients.

New Procedure to Induce Orgasm

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Doctor tells his sexy patient that both of them has to work together to make sure she will come when she meets and fuck her new husband. The sexy patient in her desperation agrees to "work" with con doctor.

Taking Care of Sick Half-Sister

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Doctor was informed by his step-mom that his half-sister will arrive in his clinic for check up. Its been a while since the last time they fuck. It was during high school. Now is the time to remember how each body fee...

Extracting Pussy Juice from Blonde Patient

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This chick has to have a clean medical record before working abroad. The doctor would like a sample of her pee and pussy juice just to be sure. When the doctor notices she is having a hard time extracting her juices, ...

No Resistance from Sexy Gymnast Patient

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This patient has been seeing her therapist for a while now after a freak accident during her practice. But this time though, their professional relationship turns sexual.

Raising Patient’s Temperature

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This chick has been feeling cold from the waist down. Doctor said he has a sure method to help her with her problem but it involves sticking something in her vagina. >

Welcoming the Hot Nurse

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New nurse meets the bachelor doctor. The doctor tells her every nurse assigns to him as to do him a favor. She has to allow him to fuck her just to be sure she has the energy to perform her duty well.

Doctor Proves She is a Squirter

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This chick complains she is not getting enough orgasm from her partner. She thinks the problem is her pussy. The doctor tells her, the problem is her boyfriend. He proves this by giving her the most awesome orgasm she...

Chiropractor Checking Out His Patient

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This chiropractor receives a patient who complains of her back. The chiro asks her to get naked and lie face down on exam table. There he manage to massage her body up to her fat wet pussy.

Never Show Your Scar to Your Doctor

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This hot patient would like her scar removed. She showed it to her doctor by spreading her thoughs in front of him. Even if he is not a doctor, any guy would want to stick his face to this sexy girl's pussy.

When a Former Masseuse Enters the Clinic

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This girl works as a masseuse. The doctor would like to just give her a massage instead of giving her medicine for her stressed mind and body. The patient being an expert in massage, tells the doctor how to massage he...

Gorgeous Secretary Sent by Boss to Company Doctor

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This hot secretary was sent by her boss to their company doctor because she was not feeling well. The doctor knew exactly what to do with her. Rumor has it, that this executive assistant will fuck guys with big dicks....

When the Induced Drugs Kicks In to This Hot Patient

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The doctor gave this depressed patient a drug to calm her down. What the patient didn't know was that the drugs will cause her to feel horny.

Angry Wife Confronts Horny Doctor

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This angry homeowner complains of the activities within the clinic. Her apartment is just next to this small clinic and she has been hearing a lot of noises. To help her understand, the doctor demonstrate to her what ...

Aspiring Model Gets to Ride Her Doctor

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Resident doctor gets the ride of his life when the hot aspiring young model shows up in his clinic. The horny slut could not resist a good pounding and free medical service.

Teaching Patient the Best Position

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Patient who is having problem sleeping due to aching back is being diagnosed by the resident doctor. Things get wild right away when the patient mention of bad sex position.

No Injury Can Stop this Doctor

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Busty patient has an injured knee and would like the doctor to check her out. The doctor sees how busty this blond elady is, imeediately gets an hard on. He devised a plan to make her horny so he could fuck her.

Lonely Wife Cheated for the Younger Doctor

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Hot wife is too young for her husband but a bit older for her doctor. But she chooses to have her pussy drilled by the younger doctor because of her husband's inability to make her come.

Patient’s Feverish Pussy

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This patient complains of feeling hot inside her. So the doctor said the best way to measure her temperature is to insert a thermometer between her thighs. Not satisfied with the reading, the doctor said he can feel h...

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