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Perky Young Brunette Helps Doc Dirty Cum

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Doc dirty is so used to helping his patients out. But a day at the practice can be tiring for the good doctor. This perky young brunette quickly becomes a favorite when she's willing to pay him a good turn for a good ...

GP Fucks This Cock Hungry Brunette

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A skinny brunette finds herself on her back at the GP's office. After he pleases her in unimaginable ways, she finds herself on her knees. His manhood is impressive and she can't help but want more.

She’ll Do Anything For The Doctor

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Pretty young blond comes for a visit to the doctor. By the end of her exam, she's down on her knees. The doctor can't help but show is passions to such a young and beautiful woman.

This Busty Brunette is Opened Up And Fingered

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What should have been a typical trip to the gynecologist quickly turns into something more. With her legs up, this busty brunette is spread wide by the doctor for her exam. Then, things heat up and this young woman qu...

Doctor Takes Brunette in Pigtails

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With her pigtails swinging to and fro, this youthful beauty is taken by Doc Dirty. Whether it's on her knees or bent over the examination chair, the doctor is determined to have her. When young meets old, pleasure is ...

Young Blonde Gets Spread Wide Open By Her Gyno

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With her heels on and her legs up, this pretty blonde is in for her yearly. The aged gynecologist plumbs her deepest folds. Soon enough, he's got her spread wide open and ready for more.

The Doctor Fucks Skinny Young Brunette

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This young woman is in for her check up. The good doctor gives her an all around check up. She's a little tight, but that's no problem for this doctor and his wandering gaze.

She Blows the Doctor and Proves She Isn’t All Talk

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This talkative young brunette isn't afraid to tell the doctor what she needs. As he examines her, things really heat up. Evan as she takes him into her lips, she's not afraid to let him know how much she loves it!

Doctor Plows Skinny Brunette

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Just when she thinks her exam is done, the doctor gives her another surprise. He wants to make sure she goes home satisfied. From his skillful tongue and dexterous hands to his impressive manhood, she's moaning from b...

Randy Old Doctor Takes Young Patient On His Desk

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This exam has gotten steamy. A beautiful young blonde learns all about the doctors office. From the chair to the desk, the doctor tests her flexibility and opens her right up.

This Old Doctor Makes Her Moan

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When this young woman, still in her braces, comes to visit the doctor, she has no idea what to expect. But the old doctor's bedside manner is exemplary as always. Age and experience helps him here, as with all his ski...

Doc Dirty Makes Her Feel So Good

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The doctor is up to it again! When a fresh young woman comes to visit his office, he can't help but let his hands wander. A regular check up soon becomes something more.

Teased By El Storm, This Nurse Can’t Stand It Anymore

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Tattooed and beautiful, El Storm takes Doc Dirty's staff by surprise. During her exam, she teases the nurse playfully. He can't help but cave and soon finds himself between her legs.

Albina is Fucks Her Gyno

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Sexy, perky Albina can't help but catch the doctor's eye. He decides to do a full check up using his usual tools. She's sure to get the best of him, though.

Busty Blonde Receives Full Cavity Check

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It's exam time with Doc Dirty! This busty young blonde is here for exam. With a body like her's, the doctor can't help but get a handful and later she wants to show her appreciation.

Pretty Brunette Gets Perfect Score

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A thin young brunette has come to see the doctor while he's cleaning up in the examination room. Don't worry, that's no bother for the doctor, he's here to see anyone who needs him. Her heart starts beating fast as th...

Busty Brunette Spreads Wide for Doc Dirty

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Anxious, this busty brunette isn't sure what to expect when she visits the gynecologist. Spread wide and opened up for the doctor, she never imagined it could feel this good. With lips, hands, and his trusty tools, he...

The Doctor is Blown Away by Susan Ayn

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Susan Ayn is thrilled by Doc Dirty's thorough examination. The good doctor has far more to check out though. As he examines her grip, lips, and more, things get hot.

Doc Dirty Gives Niki Sweet Her Yearly

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Look who's come to visit Doc Dirty: It's Niki Sweet! Gloved, the good gynecologist gives this sexy brunette the full go over. Starting with a breast exam, he works his magic fingers all over.

Doc Dirty Knows The Cure

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A busty young brunette has no idea what's going on, but suddenly, she's not feeling so well. After a trip to the gynecologist, the doctor thinks he knows what's best and offers to write her a script. But only after a ...

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