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The Famous Spreader of Hot Sexy Wives Legs

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This doctor's reputation spreads like wild fire after he had fucked so many sex deprived wives in this small town. This is just an example video clip of him fucking the mayor's wife.

Doctor’s Diagnosis, Just Needs Circulation Below

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The doctor has this patient lay down on her stomach after complaining about cold limbs. So to improve blood circulation, the doctor massages her from her feet to her buttocks. Then slowly touching the patient's vagina...

Birthday Girl Gets a Present from the Doctor

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Doctor was kinds enough to provide this lovely patient free medical check up. She has been complaining about having chest pains. When the doctor sees her naked on the exam table, he changes his mind in giving free ser...

Hitachi Clinical Trial

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Ginny is a top-level manager at a local conglomerate; nothing outside of her requests get done. So when her secretary screwed up and inadvertently inserted her name as a clinical trial volunteer, she was naturally fur...

State Official’s Hormones are Off the Charts

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This state inspector came in to check on the hospital. As a sign of hospitality, the doctor would like to give her a free pelvic exam. The doctor lock the office door and works his way to this chick's orgasm.

This doctors monday is off to a good start

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A pretty blonde woman his concerned with her reproductive health. The only way to figure out why she isn't having her period is to go to the source. She happily spreads her legs for the doctor but gets more than a nor...

Vanilla Deville Joins Her Nurse and Doctor

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Vanilla caught her doctor and his nurse having sexy time in the clinic. The two was surprised but the calm doctor immediately took over of the situation. He suggested that Vanilla joins them for some fun.

gracie glam and melanie jane give him a bed bath he’ll never forget

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A foreign man goes into the hospital and needs some help with a bath after his accident. He doesn't expect the two hot nurses that come in. He better not be shy because these nurses are curious about more than his con...

No Resistance from Sexy Gymnast Patient

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This patient has been seeing her therapist for a while now after a freak accident during her practice. But this time though, their professional relationship turns sexual.

Desperate Slut Gets Naked for Doctor for His Free Service

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Blonde hottie gets naked even before the doctor arrives. She would like to opt for a free check up by giving this doctor sexual favor. This doctor has no choice but to say yes. Who could resist this sex goddess asking...

Jail Doctor Jessica Nyx Gets Her Pussy Pounded in Jail

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When hot doctor Jessica Nyx visited one of her patients in a maximum prison, she did not expect she will have the next pussy pounding of her life. The huge cock in-mate immediately turns her on and decided to see if h...

Insecure Patient Asks Surgeon’s Opinion

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Lovely girl would like to increase her titties size a bit more. The surgeon finding her hot takes advantage of her. He have her spread her legs on gyno chair where he sucks and licks her pussy before eventually tellin...

Sexy Cheerleader Special Medical Examination

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Pervert doctor and his lesbian nurse give this petite cheerleader a physical exam. They take advantage of her full nakedness. They grope her tiny titties her fingers her tight pussy.

Busty Babe is Toyed with by Nerdy Doctor

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This busty brunette is in for her check up. This nerdy doctor is excited to give this beautiful woman a once over and opens up his toy box. Who knew nerds could be so good?

This Time the Patient gets a DNA Sample From her Doctor

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Normally when you go to the doctors office he asks you for some sort of sample. The tables get turned on this busty blonde. You can bet he's not going to use a cup!

Gianna Nicole and Rahyndee Sharing Doctor Johnny Sins Popsicle

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Sexy nurses Gianna and Rahyndee gang up on their hot new doctor. This is their way of making the new Dr. Sins feel at home.

Politics in the Hospital with Doctor Mia Malkova and Johnny Sins

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Doctors Malkova and Sins both are doing research on a new cure for impotence. Dr. Malkova's research is on a verge of success and Dr. Sins has to pull all his dirty tricks to destroy the sexy doctor's reputation befor...

The Doctor is Blown Away by Susan Ayn

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Susan Ayn is thrilled by Doc Dirty's thorough examination. The good doctor has far more to check out though. As he examines her grip, lips, and more, things get hot.

Bridgette B Fucked by Her Gyno and His Nurse

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Bridgette is having her gyno exam when the hot nurse joins her and her doctor. The hot nurse suggested they have a threesome to celebrate her having a healthy pussy.

Dirty Nurse Madison Giving Dr. Sins MD a Nice Blow

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Sexy new nurse Madison Scott meets her handler, Dr. Sins MD. So the two of them can have a nice working relationship, they have to know what turns them on and what turns them off. Both would like to start knowing each...

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