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Two Doctors Examine Brunette Babe

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The pervy, nerdy doctor has help this time as a new patient comes to visit. He and the young doctor examine the sexy brunette in sheer stockings, allowing no inch of her to go explored. All the while, a secret webcam ...

Fishnets At The Doctor’s Office

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A beauty in fishnets is a stunning catch on camera, and the doctor can't help but flip the switch when a new patient walks in the door. He secretly films this fishnet clad beauty with her legs up and open. Even better...

Brunette Secretly Filmed by Doctor

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Another unwitting patient has walked into the spy hospital. The doctor flips on his webcam when he meets this tall, busty brunette. She really puts on a show for the doctor--and the secret online viewers!

Curvy Brunette Gets Fingered by Doctor

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When this tall and gorgeously curvy woman enters his office, the doctor knows he's hit the goldmine. He flips on his trusty webcam and starts the exam. As he explores her lush body with his skilled hands, he knows the...

Busty Brunette Sucks Doctor’s Dildo for Webcam

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Another day and a another show at the spy hospital! This time, a busty brunette in pink shows up and the doctor has just got to get a closer look. He spreads her open, fills her up and even gets her to play with his t...

Flexible Redhead Poses for Doctor’s Secret Webcam

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The nerdy old doctor knows a good show when he sees it, and when this redhead comes into his office, he knows he can't miss a beat. He turns on his webcam and soon the show begins. This flexible redhead poses, showing...

Pervy Doctor Teaches Busty Blonde to Use A Dildo And Films It All!

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The pervy old doctor is at it again. When a busty young blonde in stockings comes to visit, he knows he's got to film this exam. With the cameras rolling secretly, a regular exam turns into something more as he teache...

Old Doctor Spys On Patients

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This old doctor can't get enough and whenever a pretty girl walks into his practice, he just has to turn on his webcam. This time, a pretty young blonde comes in. He gives her the full exam, plus a little more.

Busty Babe is Toyed with by Nerdy Doctor

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This busty brunette is in for her check up. This nerdy doctor is excited to give this beautiful woman a once over and opens up his toy box. Who knew nerds could be so good?

Doctor Fingers Brunette in Stockings

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This stocking clad woman is a treat for the eyes. As the doctor examines her, he can't help but admire her form and her stockings. Wandering hands lead to a playful encounter, complete with fun new toys for the patien...

Doctor’s Spreads Brunette Open and Gets Blowed

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This skinny brunette get's a thorough examination down there by the doctor. He loves what he sees and isn't afraid to let her know it. One thing leads to another and soon they find themselves in a steamy situation.

Doctor Examines Pussy Up Close

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The doctor always has to keep a keen eye on his patients. When a busty young brunette comes in for her check-up, the doctor pays extra attention to her. He really gets in there and spreads her wide open for all to see...

Busty Victoria Daniels Gets Fucked by Her Doctor

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Busty beauty, Victoria Daniels, can't help but love this visit to the doctor. Legs opened wide in the exam chair, she finds the doctor is as talented with his manhood as he is with his hands. She cant' help but cry ou...

Doc Examines Girl in Short Shorts

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A pretty young brunette shows up for her exam in Daisy Duke short shorts. But that's no problem for the doctor and he gives her a breast exam. As his hands start to wander, she starts to think that maybe she can let h...

Doctor Examines Cute Girl in Pigtails

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She's come in for her exam and she's got no idea what to expect. A pap exams, where the doctor spreads her legs wide turns into an oral exam. This cute brunette in pigtails opens wide for the doctor again, but this ti...

Gejza Blows Old Doctor

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At her yearly check-up, Gejza doesn't expect anything out of the ordinary. Her doctor is experienced in the ways of women though, and she starts to get hot. Happy to show the doctor the beauty of youth, she takes him ...

Petite Woman Gets Breast Exam

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When this small breasted woman comes into the doctor, she doesn't expect him to admire her the way he does. It's a normal exam, from the look of things. However, after he exams her breasts, the doctor can't help but w...

Blonde Fucked In The Ass on the Doctor’s Desk

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This blonde has never felt so much pleasure in her life. As the doctor takes her from behind on the desk, she finds herself in the throes of pleasure. As his hands explore her and this exam gets steamy, she can't help...

In Return For a Prescription, She’ll Suck This Doctor

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This pretty young brunette needs that prescription. Unable to get it without a money and thorough exam, she's willing to do anything. Soon, she finds herself on her knees facing the doctors impressive manhood.

Doctor Given Blowjob by Grateful Brunette

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After the doctor uses the hitachi magic wand on this nubile and thin brunette, she's all too pleased. She's got an idea on how to show the doctor just how good it felt. As she goes down on her knees she takes his girt...

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